From the charter & membership archives

Hello, my name is Matthew. I live on this dog beach, here in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I think I've always lived on this beach. For the time-being I'm a software developer, working to maintain and grow the open source software Anvio[1]. I like to talk and learn and listen to/about all kinds of stuff, including but not limited to

  • programming
  • free & open source software
  • coffee & amateur espresso making
  • sewing
  • bicycles, bikepacking
  • cats
  • dogs
  • soccer
  • buying used + local
  • real lefty shit

  • lets chat -->

    moonboots, automatically generate HTML from .html files
    anvio an open-source analysis platform for microbial 'omics
    my github repositories
    music I make
    my photostream (ask me for the password!)

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