The second post

I redownloaded Duolingo last fall in preparation for my trip to France. I'd used the app on and off over the last decade - while living in Mexico, and during a particularly focused (but ultmiately fruitless) spurt of studying Japanese, but I could never really get it to stick.

This week, I'm approaching a 50 day streak. I can credit this tiny victory to a few factors

  • I used the app for an extended period of time just about every day while in France.
  • I shelled out for a family plan (no ads!)
  • I shared the family plan with my partner and friends, creating tangible accountability

  • I can also credit my continued interest in the app to its gamified nature. Leaderboards, leagues, scores, streaks, bonus periods, XP. These granular little rewards, competitions, and interactions. Liek racetrack betting, but for language learners!

    I'd like to try and abstract these bullet points into a methodolgy for succeeded in any number of my other life endeavors I pick up, put down, burn out, or languish in. I'm going to

  • commit to small, regular, achievable contributions
  • rope friends and family into participating
  • create accountability
  • gamify

  • Consider this blog post an effort in (some) of the above. If I want the habit of posting to stick, it can't just be 5000 word treatises. It's the small, thoroughly unprofound little steps that build the habit.

    I'm sharing the blog with the greater gemini world out there - I think that should count under the accountability column.

    And, I don't know, let's say this post is worth 70 points. Look at that, I just leveled up. I'm winning.